Black blood tools no longer provide any bonus

Personally I believe farming needs to be slowed down with the type of building I see prevalent in PVP. This rush on getting buildings up results is lots of errors and ugliness. Farming is a way to recenter yourself and critically think about your engineering and architecture choices.

If starting from scratch yet again is being “rich”, then I confess I have no idea how you define “rich”. Unless it’s rich in knowledge of how to play the game? In that case, there’s nothing that can be done about that, except drastically changing the game, which happens on major updates like this one. And I welcome that. I just don’t see what this weird concept of being “rich” has to do with anything. :man_shrugging:

Oh, okay, it’s not about being rich. It’s about how PVE isn’t “really playing”, because it doesn’t present the same kind of challenges you value. :smiley:

Maybe that’s because those “small differences” are some of the challenges PVE(-C) players care about and are passionate about?

I mean, you’re totally right that I don’t have to “git gud” to play Conan Exiles PVE. It’s not Dead Cells or Hollow Knight, for sure. It’s not even Don’t Starve. It’s more of a Minecraft or Terraria. Thing is, both of those games are immensely popular, so there must be something that draws people to them.

Figuring out the “best” way to do these things is what PVE is about. And there isn’t really one best way, either. Some people value time more, others comfort, others like to have a smooth loop that doesn’t get interrupted a lot, etc, etc.

That’s why I don’t try to convince others, with different play styles, that my way of doing these things is better than theirs. But I sure as hell will discuss it with relish, because that’s the big part of what this game is about for people like me. :man_shrugging:

I hope that helps explain why we’re not as dumb as you think we are :wink:

I’ll still be getting black blood tools. I hate farming obsidian. Can’t remember the last time I cooked it for anything.

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Never sa9d that. I am stating this forum argues over the tiniest of differences, as if the game will collapse if one is not labeled the BiS. The game is as complicated and “hard” as one makes it. But the idea of arguing aggressively over a minute difference in tools (not mod kits @Palm523 ) is actually hilarious.

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I agree on both counts.

The idea of arguing aggressively over anything in this game can be hilarious, or even sad, the longer you look at it.

I wasn’t talking about that, though, and I didn’t realize that’s what you meant. What I meant was simply that these things do matter to people, and as long as they argue in a healthy way – which doesn’t happen a lot on these forums – there’s nothing wrong with it :slight_smile:

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