Black Colossus - Kuthchemes - in the next update?!

The background picture of the login rewards is that Conan Unconquered concept art / wallpaper.

EDIT: This one (without that update title in the picutre)

Yep, nailed it. Now we have to wonder what it will say, probably a pitch for the new game.

@AndyB is there going to be another livestream on next wednesday that might reveal some more infos about the upcoming things?

yeah when i asked him that i smiled. What is the chance he was allowed to say that…

What is funny however, is at the beginning of the stream, when i was predicting when an expa could come out, Andy thought the Expansion was announced when he read my comment and started searching through notes. It was funny like hell, i wonder if that meant something cuz he seemed to look like he screwed up XD

Edit: like you know, he said something he shouldnt have had

Is there any class changes could also happen with this update ? Any idea ?

nah we only getting Aquilonnian Necro

so did i miss something… thought there was some new content going to TL or announcements of such?

We are still waiting. It’s time to tell us what we will get.

FC is fully focused on Conan Unconquered atm so we have to wait a bit more…

Bump for some sort of announcement about new content…


you mean the panther mount and pet wasnt content? c’mon zaldar… :fries:

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You mean the turtle panther? lol

Silly me, I was under the impression the stuff supposedly going on testlive was actual content!

Just testing to see if the kittycat worked as intended ! :smiley:

Funcom announced craft revamp years ago, new instance in Ymir Pass - Temple of Ymir (and we do not even know what we could see in it). I hope it will not be the same.

Most likely Hoard of Black Colossus from Kuthchemes

There are people already in testlive doing beta test so no. This time its not void promise like Ymir temple and ALL dungeons UC

Good to know, thanks.

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I remember Funcom / Joel (I think), talking about the instance during a livestream once. They indicated at the time that it was going to be two instances. One a open instance for many people to share, and the other a separate 6-man dungeon. Some time later we got House of Crom and Vile Nativity. It seems they just decided to move the entrance point.

I don’t remember but i think they added point on the map and deleted mountains on the way, after HoC and Vile.