Black Colossus - Kuthchemes - in the next update?!


So will they charge the community for this adventure pack if it ends up being that?


Yes, have a happy anniversary!

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Well we will find out soon enough …I think for an 11 year old game that any new stuff is a plus


Even a 6-man almost seems hard to believe with the effort Funcom has put into AoC lately. But I can’t imagine there are many other options based upon what they have said. It certainly won’t be anything bigger than a 6-man dungeon.


I wonder if all will all be wrong and it’s a new pvp minigame … the pvp community certainly deserves that after so many years of having so few playfields to game on.


I am interested in 2 questions! What is it? New location without dungeons, quest line. Dungeon 3, 6, 12 or 24 people? Second question! What are the rewards, whether T6 level or equivalent it, or new cloaks with stones, necklaces with stones or even weapons. Wait and see, but I think the live test for 3 people or solo dungeon or only new location would not make sense to include again, or I do not remember that for the sake of vanaheim launched live test…

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the daily logins have something being revealed again… im sure that will say something.


The book black colossus is set in Shem and conan unconquered the new game is set there aswell iam assuming the new content for AoC will be running the same theme …and the verse from the book Andy posted is shevastas description of Kuthchemes which is Nohtokhs tomb/palace


The image looks like this imo:


It does say on the top of the reward claim window “Countdown to Conan Unconquered” so might have nothing to do with AoC at all if we are unlucky.


Image is different.



I see a difference


Me too, not even close actually.


The background picture of the login rewards is that Conan Unconquered concept art / wallpaper.

EDIT: This one (without that update title in the picutre)


Yep, nailed it. Now we have to wonder what it will say, probably a pitch for the new game.


@AndyB is there going to be another livestream on next wednesday that might reveal some more infos about the upcoming things?


yeah when i asked him that i smiled. What is the chance he was allowed to say that…

What is funny however, is at the beginning of the stream, when i was predicting when an expa could come out, Andy thought the Expansion was announced when he read my comment and started searching through notes. It was funny like hell, i wonder if that meant something cuz he seemed to look like he screwed up XD

Edit: like you know, he said something he shouldnt have had


Is there any class changes could also happen with this update ? Any idea ?


nah we only getting Aquilonnian Necro

Funcom please make AOC playable OFFLINE