Black Dragon Magnus in solo as barbarian!


The whiffing of white hits on an NPC mob just speaks volumes about the skill gap between pvpers and pvers. This revealed allot more than was initially intended I must say. The next time a pve elitist even begins to step with attitude gonna refer back to these videos


I tried it a few times now, I didn’t manage to kill him yet but I was pretty close, 13% was the lowest I got him.
Main problem are my low HP (~8k only) but I guess being sleepy is part of the problem too :wink:

Setup was like this: Full reaver dual wield spec, T4 / khitai epic gear and T6 swords with weapon switching for basic stun and kick.


I tried several times now, and everything was fine and looked really good…and then at the last 10% someone came along and helped me! Every time! Enthusiastically! Reseting was not an option - I got forcehelped :man_firefighter::woman_firefighter::man_firefighter::woman_firefighter::man_firefighter::sob:

I will try again, I started with heavy zerker, all cc, all aa immunity and blood rage, mixed gear T4/T6. It will be a good challenge to switch from defensive to offensive. And of course kill him faster.


Was it Bloodvax?


I am a pve elitist (secretly even clicking…sometimes…), so it must have been him in disguise to stop my victory. Pfff.


You need to take your raid force after one raid and get them to physically block access from players coming down to Magnus to help you …then hand lead to someone …leave raid and solo kill him … just think you could post the attempt from multiple vantage points !!!


too :open_mouth: much :dizzy_face: pressure :crazy_face:

I can only pray none of them reads the forum excessively.


you are a pve elitist (secretly even clicking…sometimes…), the worst is gone, do not feel too much pressure! :rofl:


you’re right, the gap is really disgusting and it’s there. However, i would like see your video, so to can learn something. :joy:
By the way I did not congratulate you, I’m wrong or you’re one of the winners of the Blood Saga? :rofl:


Where is this boss located?


In Atzel’s Approach near Atzel’s Fortress on a mountain.
There is this place where frost giants have a camp, if you movw from there across a huge bridge you can find him (very close to last month’s world boss).




Still can’t see a video of you doing it


I hope so much that he does not deprive us of this opportunity to learn and fill the gap! :rofl:


cant be worse then those pvp videos where pro-looking combatjumping make them miss 50% of the attacks! :joy:


Tried kill this boss on hox today, it wasn’t hard. Tomorrow i’ll make video to protect honor of pvp players with combojumping! :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite some traffic in his backyard now :slight_smile:

Finally succeded with barb - the help stood patiently and watched this time. Fun fight.
New challenge: Tuning down the gear, and getting faster.


lol poor Magnus, it used to be so quiet around him now it’s like a highway…he can’t even take a nap anymore everybody wants to kill him :smile: :rofl: :smile:


I’m not much a pve’r myself, but I decided to take upon the challenge and tried to solo it. Very hard indeed!

1 knock dead - much respect to Magnus


oh i see your problem your fan is not hotkeyed i usually hotkey it on 1 2 3 4 and q. that way i never miss the precise fan timings between shrewd blow and ursine brawl.

p.s. dont forget ur otherworldly flute it is also important to get a rotation of that in. if you don’t you fail the bear shaman rhythm mini game and once that happens 1 knock dead