Black Dragon Magnus in solo as barbarian!


Killed him on hox :stuck_out_tongue:


New challenge! Do it without gear like me on this video. Good Luck!


GZ mate it was wonderful performance

I got it , now i post my video


I dunno if that really makes it harder if you just increase the amount of kiting, boss can be kited forever :stuck_out_tongue: but gz nevertheless a good performance.


from my experience that I had doing it in principle no, it would not make it harder with longest kite, however, increases the random component, with me naked a couple of times I have received two critical slaps (Bud Spencer style) that have almost dropped my health, which in full gear obviously it does not happen


challenge accepted
Ladies and gentlemen, I dedicate this video (no clicking skill style) to @Bloodvax


Well done! :stuck_out_tongue:


Took him with a pom. It wasn’t very challenging and I don’t think it worths a video, but can do one, if anyone insists :smiley:


With a POM you are better off soloing vortex :wink: