Black Feather Helm?

The other day I got a Black Feather Helm as a drop in the Unnamed City. It’s a piece of medium armor that has a decent armor rating. But the “buff” (if you can call it that) is corruption. When you put it on you get corrupted to 50% health and stamina. OK, there’s gotta be some obscure advantage to that, but I’m at a loss as to know what it is. Does anyone know? Or are the devs just messing with us?

I doubt there’s any gain to be had from that. It was rumored that Sorcery would feed off of corruption, using it as a resource, but since Sorcery is still MIA, I fail to see the use of this item. Sure there’s perks that trigger off of low hit points, but I doubt they’re worth it (they normally aren’t )

Lots of the UC items are borderline or full-on troll items with very severe drawbacks to them after all.

have you tried going into corruption areas with that hat on?

Maybe it freezes corruption at 50% ?

Heart of the Hero is easy enough to get, so I don’t know why I’d want to let myself get to 50%.

For science!

Yeah. It will be attached to sorcery…they keep adding things that may hint of sorcery

Put it on a thrall :slight_smile:


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