Black Galleon - Chicken Emote stuck (part 2)

Since the original thread was locked after 7 days, I’ll post the follow-up discoveries in a second thread here.

After farming the Black Galleon several more times, I have found that there is an NPC that is constantly sounding off the Chicken Emote. The NPC is on the bottom level of the ship, “guarding” the lower entrance. If players attempt to climb into the Black Galleon from the river, this NPC and one other stands guard to ‘greet’ players.

Once slain, the Chicken Emote is silenced, allowing for a more enjoyable game experience. When the NPC spawns again, whenever a player is nearby, the Chicken Emote will begin sounding again. Raiding the Black Galleon with the game muted seems to be the only solution at this time.

Devs: Please modify (such as only when combat is initiated and at half volume) or remove the “chicken emote” sound from this NPC.

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We all have that one friend that over plays a joke and it becomes annoying. Yeah this is that guy. Chicken emote repeat!

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