Black Ice Weapons Construction woopsies

Platform: PC
Issue Type: Construction
Game Mode: PVE-C
Server Type: Official
Map: Exiled
Server Name: Official 1517
Mods: None

Because the devs changed the name of Hardened Steel Weapons to Perfected Hardened Steel Weapons, the Frost Temple smithy does not recognize the items toward the black iced counterparts.

To reproduce this, just forge the Perfected Hardened Steel Weapons, and goto the forst temple forge and attempt to make the black ice counterparts.

‘Perfected’ Hardened Steel weapons are different than regular Hardened Steel weapons. Obviously you can craft both but if you want to use a recipe that requires Hardened Steel than you have to use the regular version, not the ‘perfected’ version.

I’m not being given a choice between the two in the bench, unless I have to downgrade the bench?

The individual Hardened Steel weapons each need to be unlocked in the knowledge tab separately. Warrior, Blacksmith and Hardened Steel Tools are the 3 requisites and if you want the epic version, you will need to unlock the appropriate epic weapon category for whatever weapon you’re trying to craft. All of the Hardened Steel weapons can be crafted in any of the blacksmith benches, no need to downgrade. If I remember correctly, the ‘Perfected’ version is a reward claimed for one of the journey steps, so if that is all you’re seeing, than you just need to unlock the regular version.

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I did not know that, thanks. Will look into it when steam is active again.

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Im thinking its the standard blacksmith bench, the improved bench makes perfected stuff, I have to have both blacksmith benches, even making a golem it wants regular weapons , not perfected, I just move my T4 blacksmith have him craft the normal weapons, then move him back to improved bench

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