Black-Ice Wedges - 'dancing with death' ;)

Single-Player: No Mods

Its not a bug, per say - just graphically kinda awkward.

  • I like to use wedges and ceiling pieces for my floors - after upgrading to BlackIce wedges…
    … there are spikes on both sides of it - My dancer looks like she’s doing a ‘dance of death’ around all those spikes.

Seems that the spikes on the bottom side, should be able to be flipped around to the top - currently you can only rotate… thus leaving the spikiest side up.

  • I get it from a ceiling point of view, but really needs to have the option to flip it when used as a floor piece.

Fortunately, it does not appear to give damage like some of the pieces with spikes.
(Would hate to come back and find my thrall dead from dancing on these wedges.) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, the spikes, with the time i forgot about them… :wink:

But yes, totally agree with you, they are kind of strange, on one side like on the other, as ceilings. Ok, if you use them as flat roof, it may make more sens, but again, they don’t do damage anyway.
Best at my eyes would be 2 styles, with/ and without spikes, this would make the choice simpler, mostly.


Your Kung-Fu training begins now.

Lesson 1. Dance among the spikes and don’t get cut once. I’ll be back in 4 hours.

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