Black Lotus Potion!

Now that Sorcery is in the game does that mean the Black Lotus Potion will have an actual use now???

Good talk everyone.


maybe… I think nobody answered you because they don’t know :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Test it out before making a post about it maybe?

Beyond this you mean?

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The potion has been labeled as something to do with sorcery for the longest time. Was just curious if they did anything with that. I have this thing called a life and thus have not been able to get on and try the update out yet.

Another strength buff? That’s disappointing.

Perhaps it could cause corruption?

The rest of us don’t. We’re all ghosts! :slight_smile: The internet service is really great here in the afterlife :smiley:

It should definitely cause corruption, useful for casting without corrupted perks.

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