Black Ring Citadel PvEvP new server / rates x3 /

Hey guys,

I started a fresh and new PvEvP server called Black Ring Citadel. Goal of the server is to have a relaxed envrioment for people to enjoy all aspects of the game.

PvP will be turned on, however there will be a no KOS rule and you can use certain flags on your base to indicate you do not want to participate in pvp !

XP and Harvest are set to x3 and crafting speed is at 2x. Other then that the settings are pretty much vanilla. There are currently no mods, since most are still outdated after the last patch. We might add some in the future.

Server IP:

Server is located in Germany, however anyone is welcomed to join :slight_smile:

If you have questions, feel free to PM me or reply here. See you in the desert Exiles =)

Bump :slight_smile:

Some settings have been changed a bit to decrease grind for solo players.

  • faster crafting speed
  • faster thrall crafting speed
  • increased fuel burn time

still plenty of spots that need claiming :slight_smile:

I have switched the server to PVE for now, given that people might feel less competetive with the official release coming up soon.

So in short this server is no PVE and will MAYBE become PVP in the future :slight_smile:

Still lots of space people :slight_smile:

Launch is coming up, so better get moving and claim a spot now :slight_smile:

So my friend and I joined this server last night, just giving a heads up. We might be having a decent crew following us xD; Half will enjoy the PvE aspect and a couple want the PvP part. Is the banner thing gonna be heavily enforced? I feel like it might cause problems at some point so I’m just checking out of curiosity ^^ Can’t wait to play more tho =D

Glad to hear you hoped on and enjoy the server so far :slight_smile: feel free to leave any feedback !

Pvp will start most likely once the game goes into full release so people can have a start at with everyone else.
(Server won’t be wiped as I don’t wanna destroy peoples progress so far)

The Banner system is a way how I handled this on my ARK pvp server, it always worked quite good there, since people were mature and fair enough not to exploit it, so I would monitor to make sure people play fair and square !

But by any means, if you got any other ideas on how PVE’rs can play on a PVP server without HAVING to get involved in PVP, I am happy to hear suggestions :slight_smile:

See you in the desert soon :wink:

I’m glad the system has worked well in the past =D The friend I currently joined with wants to PvP so if they others follow they might be the PvE group lol tbh I was really happy to see that the newbie areas weren’t over crowded with houses yet, it’s sucks getting on a new PvP enabled server and seeing that there isn’t even a safe place to start your basic levels x3

HI, I just joined yesterday…enjoying it so far…

There is still plenty of space to build in the starting area :slight_smile: I’ll be online tonight, hope to see you there soon :slight_smile:

And MaZe, glad you are having a good time !

See you guys soon !

The mod : swift elevators has been added, so please make sure to check the box: show moddes servers in the filters, for the server to show up.

is there a svr downtime? i got error message that stats my mod list dont match, auth failed and unable to connect. Any new mods added beside Swift Elavators?

still having error message that my mods dont match with server list…

Sorry I was at work most of the day. I restarted the server. Try again now :slight_smile:

yoz…any idea how come recently got a few host have closed connection message? isit a server reset? just wondering coz a few times i was in the open area with mobs when the server DC-ed and said host closed the connection…

and is there like a discord or FB grp for easy communication?