Black Rose server open to everyone on xbox

New server for xbox. Pvp but very relaxed admins are ready to help and assist in anything. Looking for people who just want to enjoy the game and add their touch of building to the game. You don’t have to worry about bigger groups attacking or bullying you. Relaxed server for new and old players who just want to enjoy playing the game.
In game.
Resources rate is doubled
Thrall speed is doubled
Thralls do not decay over time
Keep inventory when you die
Every new player gets a starter kit that includes weapons, armor, tools and a thrall animal to help survive. If wanted you will also receive enough building material for a small cabin.
Admins are very active and wont bully or attack your base.
Treasure chest have been placed around the map which incase gold, silver, steel, weapons, armor, crafting material and more.
If you are interested stop on by and check it out server name is Black Rose. Message admin when you enter game to receive starter kit and help with anything that you need.