Black shaded squares and lines in sand!

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Graphical Texture Bug]
Region: [Here]

I’d like to report a texture bug on the sand that leaves footprints. Below are screenshots. Basically when I am walking or running East or West black shaded squares or lines appear on the sand. I’ve tested this bug and it happens in other locations. I am on Ultra settings with no issues in performance. I first noticed it when I went to build a pyramid/egyptian kingdom furthest East just after you leave the broken highway. There’s a giant almost U shaped rock to the east with the green wall you cannot pass. Annoyingly I cannot Share PICTURES OR POST LINKS!!! Cause it says I am a new USER…

How to produce the bug:

  1. Run or walk east or west looking angled at the ground and stop when you see black shaded boxes or lines.
  2. You may have to place some foundations in the sand near where the squares appear.

Post the link in text format (add a space or something.) Then, I can post it for you until you get the chance to post links yourself.