Black Tusk Shield in 3.0

I would like to start off by saying, “Thank you! For all the hard work work that was done for Age of Sorcery.”

I play SP - No mods.

I have noticed that the Black Tusk Shield possibly has a bug in it’s use with heavy attack combos. On attacks #2 & #4 the Shield will not land a strike on a low lying enemy (such as a croc or spider). The character can be on top of said creatures and miss. The animation just glides through the monster animation. I have not tested this with any other shield yet. So I do not know if it is specific to the Black Tusk Shield. I do not know if this is intended or a glitch/bug.

Also, my character hair will clip through the shield’s graphic on my characters back when she is running. The work done on weapons placed on our characters back has been done really well for most of the regular non-legendary weapons. So I think this was just an oversight. Great job on fixing most of the weapons clipping issues when placed on the characters back!

Again. Thank you Funcom!

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I forgot to mention the heavy combo issue is with a sword.

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