Blacklist.txt does not exist

Game mode: Dedicated Windows Server
Type of issue: Blacklist not working
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe


i run a private dedicated windows conan exiles server. So far all runs good but the blacklist.txt and whitelist.txt not working.

In the server log i have the following entries:

020.08.03-04.00.40:083][ 0]ConanSandbox:Display: AServerBlacklist::LoadSettings(): Blacklist file D:/Conan/DedicatedServerLauncher/ConanExilesDedicatedServer/ConanSandbox/Saved//blacklist.txt does not exist
[2020.08.03-04.00.40:083][ 0]ConanSandbox:Display: AServerBlacklist::LoadSettings(): Whitelist file D:/Conan/DedicatedServerLauncher/ConanExilesDedicatedServer/ConanSandbox/Saved//whitelist.txt does not exist

The blacklist.txt file exist i think the problem is the double // but i can not change it. I use the Conan Exiles - Dedicated Server Launcher 1.0.49.


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