Blacklisted Pvp!

Hello all! :wink: . Some of you might know me through my stream on twitch name is VoxBL . <— sorry shameless plug.
But with the game going live in just a couple weeks we decided to make our own server for rates that we enjoy and hopefully everyone else.
If your looking for a lay back server with non toxic pvp come check out our server. Name of the server is Blacklisted - Currenty on Live - Direct Connect link -

As of right now these are our rates and rules:

Exp = 1x
Harv = 1x
Mob damage to players = 2x . Makes it way more fun :wink:
Clan Size = 10 Subject to change depending on community feedback
Night cycle = Short
Crafting speed = Slightly faster then normal
Raid times = Weekdays 8pm-12 - Weekends 8pm-2am. but subject to change depending on community feedback
Server Wipe = We will have a server wipe every 2 months.

No Breaking of public Map devices
No blocking main POI’s
No griefing
No racist talk in chat or our discord = instant ban if you do
No Unraidable bases
This is for us but 0 tolerance on admin power abuse.
Dont be a toxic jerk. Normal trash talk is fine. But just dont be a jerk.

Rates will only ever be changed if it is agreed apon by the community.
Rules may be added later.
As i said this is a new server we want to grow and for people to have fun.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave them here or drop by my stream and ask away.

See you out there fellow Exiles :rofl:



2x mob damage hype! ~bumps

ya once you do 2x mob damage. its hard to ever go back lol. makes fighting actually fun.

Come join the blacklisted family

about 15 strong so far with a very good community :wink:

Just to reiterate on ^ Come join the fun :smiley:

We are now on Live and will be staying there till release

Game has just released. Server is up! Lets go peeps :wink:

We have changed some of the settings to make it alot more enjoyable for everyone :wink: . Hope to see you there