Blacksmith Beri Lost most of her recipes

As the title says, just caught a Beri and when i placed her on the bench she has only 5 recipes of flawless aquilonian weapons. Also, picked her back to inventory and placed her again in case it was a bug but same thing happend. Is this an update, a bug or just me?

Thanks you in advance!


Looks like people don’t care to read other threads before posting. This has been posted many times and it’s a known bug, they are trying to fix it.

What I’ve found is Funcom has changed the crafting station interface for my armor stations perhaps this is what you are experiencing as well.
When I look at list of recipes from the top there is a single row of thrall specific special recipes … then there is a line across the menu … then there are the rest of the recipes.
If I click on one of the thrall specific recipes on the top row and then scroll using the scroll bar on the right side of menu, then the top row scrolls to show additional thrall specific recipes … but only on that top row.
I hope that this is the same for you with Beri, I have her in one of my bases, I’ll check tonight.

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