Blacksmith t4s do not repair exceptional items

they repair flawless and normal, not exceptional, i had to move the item to a t3 blacksmith to repair the weapon. (used improved blacksmith bench)

Have they ever been able to? You can’t craft one with a T4, so you can’t repair it either. In addition, Funcom wants these items removed from circulation, so I won’t be surprised if you can’t repair them with a thrall at all after the economy update.

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a t4 should be able to repair normal, exceptional and flawless, . but you are right things are about to change!!! XD

No t3 thrall can only repair exceptional reason being that thralls that have a recipe can only repair the one they have so a t4 can only repair the flawless as it’s been that way for years

question , should a t4 be able to repair an exceptional? when it can repair or make flawless? t4 should be able to do it.

by logic it should , but if he did , then you would have to have them in the crafting list ( which is already very long when you have only 2 versions ( flawless and normal or exceptional and normal ) , depending on if you have one or several dlcs , some or all the feats unlocked (with the help of power fragments) , and ok on pc we have an easier search , but I think of the poor console people who have to scroll indefinitely :wink: the list of crafting would be for " end gamers " with all dlc , a pretty loooong list , I’m glad they are skimming things with the addition of new benches , but I think the reasoning behind T4’s no exceptional repair was to shorten the list

This is annoying, T4 should be able to repair exceptional in addition to flawless.

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