Blademasters clan - PS4 PvP - Manifest Destiny 60 slot

We had about 4 slots open after some people came and went trying out the game. Very active clan, farming, building, boss hunting, and dungeons.

Almost all crafting station (normal and improved).

Vault (only accessible after earned promotion)

15+ large chests stacked to the brim with materials, weapons, and armor for all levels.

Castle with over 80 hours invested into it through farming, crafting, and building.

Message ArcheAngel901 on the Manifest Destiny server if interested.

Very Active ServerPS_Messages_20190416_121042 PS_Messages_20190416_121036 PS_Messages_20190416_121037

when i search for server name none appears? is the server down?

Don’t bother. Server reset without warning and is now a RP-PVP server. Me and my 6 clan mates lost everything without so much as a msg.

Server name is now “The Forgotten Kings”.
Won’t recommend investing time in it though based on my experience.