Blatant disregard for SA players

Been a few days since a lot (in percentage, because they are few in total) of SA servers are really crappy, they just get offline, or we get the infinite loading screen of death, or the ping gets crazy high while the server FPS drops. And I’ve seen a lot, and i want to reiterate A LOT of posts and people complaining. And what get me really mad, is that NO ONE, NOT A SINGLE MODERATOR give us something to what is happening, or what is being done to get fixed… WE ARE PEOPLE TOO.

DEAR MODERATORS: Imagine if you bought an cellphone, wich was advertised as having the capabilities of doing phone calls, and accessing the internet, and when you got the phone, it didn’t worked, you go online to see why it didn’t work, and see that EVERYWERE ELSE is working, just not in your country. So you get in contact with support, to see what is happening (well you paid for it to be working), and they jus IGNORE YOU, they just don’t give a damn about you. YOU WOULD BE MAD TOO, wouldn’t you ?

SO PLEASE, for the love of god, give us something, we are consumers, we worked a lot of hours to get money and spent that money to support you guys, so please, can we get a little consideration ? Can you guys keep us posted in what is happening, when will it be fixed, or if will be fixed at all ??

Trying to get this message to @Spynosaur_Nicole , she looks like is the most responsive here … feel free to tag anyone else, let’s try get something here.


Yeah, what gets me mad is that they dont even seen to care enough to answer us, well if its g-portal fault or funcom, doesnt matter, at least give us something, let us know you guys are at least working to fix it.

just a “we are working to fix it” would be enough, because right now it looks like they dont even care


Doesn’t matter which company holds the issue, Funcom or g-portal. Doesn’t matter.
It’s 100% responsibility of the developer to inform the customer, in this case, the players of the problem that is occurring.

It feels like they are doing the players a favor, allowing them to be able to play the game. But they forgot that they paid for a service that is totally crap.

The issue is affecting people for a long time. This is a huge offense to every South American players.


In the same way that North American customers bought their game, we here in Brazil also bought. and by the same value.

Check this out:

20 hours ago

Good morning exiles! We’ve rolled out the following servers in South America:

1977 – Brazil – PvE Conflict
1978 – Brazil – PvP
1979 – Brazil – PvP

1986 is still dead.


This game is one of the few games that is offering dedicated servers without needing to pay a continuous subscription.

It will be very surprising to see these servers remain long term because these are costing funcom money while they are not continuing to receive money. What was paid for is access to their game you are better off making your own server devs will not babysit players on servers forever

Hey guys!

We know that the South-American servers are still not running as well as they should, but we haven’t abandoned them. We’re continuously working with G-portal to improve the South-American servers, and while we’ve made some progress, there’s still work to be done.

We’re currently working on getting the South-American servers moved to better hardware. The new hardware has been ordered, but is currently stuck in customs.

Please understand that getting the servers up on new hardware won’t necessarily happen overnight.

Thank you for your patience.

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When we buy the game what you said was not included or pointed to the players. The announcement was “Survive. Build. Dominate”.

This version of “what the game is or what for” only exists in your mind. FunCom developed a game to play, not to force us to build a private server and then play. They need to do something YES. We paid for this.

when it happens it would be interesting to publish a note … and do not expect a lot of topics in the forum to appear to give some satisfaction.

When you buy a cell phone it has to work, can you imagine buying a cell phone that can be used for a year? if they offered online service they have to give the server. whether or not they are returning.
I know that for a while they will not get the same return they are tense now and that the cost to keep so many servers going to be too big …
but to my understanding they will always launch expansions and even offer premium services to maintain the servers.

I just look at other similar games and you can see what will happen official servers will always die off due to cost. Private ones will take over or the game will die it has always been this way for one time pay games.

Unless they begin to charge more money for some other services servers will not stay around it is not financially viable if people cannot see this they live in a bubble. All you buy is access to the games code to play the servers are just a bonus.

Thank You @Jens_Erik thats what i was waiting… a response! Someone here explained the internal problem and why this hardware does not arrived in time

Uma resposta foi dada, agora vamos ver quanto tempo mais vai demorar.

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