Blind Archer Thralls: What to do?

I would like to discuss the behavior especially of the archer thralls with the community.
For me Archer Thralls don’t behave like an Archer.

  1. they won’t shoot when enemies are engaging
  2. they won’t shoot when they are standing behind fences
  3. they try to leave their position
  4. they don’t seem to have any advantage from a position above the enemy
  5. they often try to engage at mellee

We are playing PvP/PvE and high level purge, at this state archers seems to be useless - what a pitty :cry:

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100% agreed.

It´s a useless Feature, they have to behave defensive.
Enganging with melee weapons and leaving of their position is the absolute opposite.

Yah. not much help from them.

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