Blizzard - MMO Conan shine

So Conan,

I said it before & i will say it again, make the MMO version of Conan u can test it w alot of ur already made assets from Exiled lands, combat, graphics, etc. Blizzard got hit by truck, i said months ago if not a 5ear ago, that u should act in terms of the mmo genre, since the downfall of blizzard, everyone is looking for a new mmo, and I can think of none better than u :heart:

Thx in advance! I hope to see some w similar intrests


There already is a Conan MMO
Age of Conan


You mean something like this?

I do agree though. With the near 20 year top dog in the MMO market taking a massive nosedive, it’s a golden opportunity to revive the game if they put just a little effort into doing so.


I know but think of it as AOC2

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