BLOCK REGION Official Servers (EU ONLY FOR EU) No more chinesse exploiters groups?

My suggestion would be to IP REGION BLOCK servers, it would not save game from dying (it needs fixes) but it will improve it a lot. No more chinesse / turkish cheater groups on EU / US servers for example. I don’t understand why they are able to play and grief on servers that are made for EU / US people. I saw once on chinesse streamer people were talking someting like this: “who cares about asian servers” - that explains it all, they go to EU /US servers grief just ‘foreigners’

Im waiting to be downvoted by chinesse or turkish mafia now. Thanks for attention.

Blockin IP’s is not going to work as most people on the internet have dynamic ip’s these days. You may be blocking a cheater one day but when the ip changes you are blocking someone else. Also, I would think using a vpn would get around an ip block pretty quick. Just my opinion though.


Dynamic ip does not matter for region block. Only way bypass this is to use VPN but that will cause them to have high ping and probably another cost for VPN provider (viable VPN are not free) - That will reduce chinesse / turkish exploiters by a lot.

Your probably right on that point. I was thinking individual blocking I guess.

Most US and EU servers are region locked.

People are using VPN’s to get around this.
Unfortunately so are the cheaters.

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Any source on this? I doubt it is true as i can easily go to US / ASIA servers. I call it misinformation.

You’re right
I was confusing the ping limiter with region lock.

Ping limiter can be easily bypased by DIRECT Connection so it’s POINTLESS feature anyway.

Well, back in 2017 when the ping limit was introduced, there was a lot of talk about region lock.
I was just confused as to it being implemented, at that time.

And I agree ping limit alone is pointless.

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I have already propose to block asians and russians players from EU / US servers, but nothing.

Monday this post will be hidden …

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Well that’s what i thought so. It was just something i just realized but i gave up with game anyway.

They need to set up better customer services to report all cheating, since the undermeshing was fixed on exiles all they have done is cross to siptah got 3 clans at the moment 1 is definitely chinese they are undermeshing and doing all kinds of other cheats griefing players by undermeshing inside bases had a guy log on and off 30 times in a row, crash the server 7 times and funcom do nothing who are we supposed to report this to?

Viable VPN doesn’t necessarily increase your ping dramatically. It also doesn’t need to cost very much. An enlightening article here:

(Disclaimer: the author of that blog represents a company that sells VPN services. I am in no way affiliated with that company.)

“the author of that blog represents a company that sells VPN services…” that says it all…

VPN DOES increase PING by a lot, thats how physics works. Information (electricity) has long way of travel - anything that travels has limited speed, even light does. Instead of exchanging data packets for example from China to server in Germany, they would have to go China - VPN Sweden - Germany. That’s it, there’s no magic behind this, it’s simple as it can be.

Or move to private, modded, admin-moderated servers - griefers are swiftly and easily dealt with. Or rent a server and run it yourself?

It’s not solution as well. There’s many admin abusers, they can ban you for killing someone’s wife, or destroying his base. I experienced that many times. There’s sudden wipes, there’s sudden shutdown of servers…

About renting server myself: I don’t expect myself playing server when also having admin. It may be empty as playerbase is shrinking now. Private server requires a lot dedication / advertisement i wish not to do. I paid for game and many DLCs and I should be able to just run and play it with other people and not to be forced to manage server which i said earlier may be DEAD and EMPTY anyway.

If you read the discussion you linked, as well as the article I linked, you’ll find that it’s not as simple. It’s that simple only if your default connection is the shortest, most direct route between your computer and the server. Often, this isn’t the case.

It’s simple as it’s impossible to shorten the route that data has to travel and it may only increase it which means more travel time = more ping.

You’re still assuming that data travels using the shortest possible route by default. It does not.

you are right , just read the story of the pakistani gov that has shut down youtube in 2008 with an internet "black hole "
in short : " Pakistan Telecom created a blackhole route and broadcast instructions claiming to be the legitimate destination for anyone trying to reach YouTube’s web addresses. That traffic was then sent to the blackhole route and dropped. The problem is that Pakistan Telecom used BGP* to share this route with ISPs all over the world. So Pakistan effectively broadcast to Internet providers worldwide that they were the correct destination for YouTube traffic and they then sent all YouTube-bound traffic into a black hole. Fortunately YouTube has a very sophisticated technical team and they were able to identify and fix the problem within hours, but this example shows a serious risk that comes with using blackhole routing. "