Blocking an obelisk is okay if it stops undermeshers?

That is the story I’m getting, so far. I read the rules and didn’t see anything that said it is okay. It’s been going on for a year, but I expected the recent patch to have a fix for undermeshers. The obelisk is still being blocked. If we blow it up, they just repair it. Their clan name is an expletive.

How fun! :rage:

I hope funcom finds some time to take a look.

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:arrow_right: Zendesk :arrow_left:
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Make two separate reports, one for the name and another for the blocking.

They might look at one sooner than the other, you never know.

Edit: @CodeMage ninja! :grinning:


Obelisk blocking is a ban.


I’m guessing zendesk times out on submissions, as I get a canned response. :scream:

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