Blocking Legendary Boss locations on official server

Hello there everyone,

I am playing on an official PvE-C server (#1040), but unfortunately there are some players who think it’s ok to block of legendary boss lairs. I know there aren’t really any rules on these kinds of servers, but it’s not a chill move to deny other players these bosses. So I do not know wether this is allowed or not? Anyhow, I was hoping a game developer or someone could perhaps remove these structures so that other players can also fight the bosses, or otherwise perhaps implement building restrictions to these locations so that people won’t be able to do this in the future.

I would have shown pictures of the boss lairs I’m talking about, but unfortunately I am not allowed to do so as I am a new player, however the boss lairs I was talking about are the legendary scorpion (F5) and the legendary crocodile (G7)

With kind regards,
Eirik the Bastard.

Will not happen… You have boss creatures on the whole map. So why bother with one thats sealed off? There is even a croc new waterhole outpost at H6.

And on the PvE server I play, some clan blocked a Lemurian Lorestone. Which you would need to complete a journey-step, but that is also no “problem”.

The only time when FC does something, is when someone blocks off the starting area or more or less the whole map. Everything else -> they dont care.

Hey Eirik!
Which boss are you talking about? My clanmate is despawning one of the crocs because some moron was using it to kill all his pets, but we could find an alternative if that’s the one which annoys you! (I don’t want to be banned for life for a stupid croc lol)


Hey there Halk!

No worries, I wasn’t hoping for you to get banned, I was more hoping for admins to remove the wall that blocked the cave. xp Perhaps you can build a wall so that people can still access the cave, but so the crocodile can’t acces your clanmate his pets? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll have a look what happens but after reading your post again I realized it’s the other croc actually…
Interestingly enough, at the croc you mention, I have seen a bunch of foundations some time ago. These foundations had a decay timer of zero but couldn’t be removed. Never seen such a thing before…
Btw the best you can do with wall-griefers is to just ignore them. They usually f**k off after a week or two if they don’t get the excitement of raising hatred through the server! (I’ve been on 1040 for a year now. We have seen everything f from walling obelisks to blocking entire river sections. They all went away :wink: )

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