Blocking Obilisk

Apparently I can’t tag the community for help. So hope you see this

A tribe named PLGD is blocking obilisk outside of raid time. They have built gates around a few, but the main one that’s a problem is in the jungle. We have tried contacting them and they ignore us. Me and another member lost a good bit of gear because they have anti climb on the inside so people can’t climb out when you spawn in.

Platform: Xbox 1
My server: EU Official 2112 pvp

Can’t upload pictures because I’m a new user. But all pictures are on my feed for proof. GT: Onichan1

Thank you.

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report all violation and bugs @Community

I see you tagged PVP. You can also blow it up.

Official servers Terms of conduct and how to report misbehavior of naughty people

Please read that thread thoroughly and follow the guidelines explained there.


Controlling resources and limiting the travel of opponents has ALWAYS been a viable tactic in nearly ALL PvP games. It is also a viable tactic in ALL real world warfare.

Reading the new rules Funcom has put forth, it leads one to think the rule against blocking of resources and travel obelisks is only for PvE and PvE-C servers. But the wording is vague as hell.

Has anyone from Funcom clarified any of this???

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The rules mainly apply to PvE and PvE-C servers as far as I’m aware. You are on a PvP server, these are viable tactics there. You have explosives, respond to their tactics with them.

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Welcome to the comunity. It is official pvp, i do not agree with thus behavior, but it is official pvp. @Battle_Gnome and @Entropy here have a really good point. Use the tactics they told you and start the fight. This is pvp for, isn’t it?

Wrong, it means PVP, however because PVE and PVE-C has a different building distance and mechanics the same type of offense it may be handled differently. It is pretty clear.

Controlling resources and limiting the travel of opponents has ALWAYS been a viable tactic in nearly ALL PvP games.

Wrong!!! this is a game and we share official servers, THIS IS PUBLIC, it’s not yours or anyone else to ‘‘take over’’. It is against the TOS full stop. If it says don’t do it just don’t do it.
Anyone who takes over or blocks resources/obs I call greedy, sure as hell I would not call it tactic.

I hope they get banned.

PS: we play on almost a full official and nobody blocked or taken over resources. Play Fair and Square


please read the following Rules.

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