Blocking of resource

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: French

I’m French and playing I stumbled upon a very toxic type of player, indeed these have blocked bumps and resources such as the suffering.
I find this to be anti-game count you doing something against it ?

Hello @SoldatO, welcome to the community!

We’re sorry you’re experiencing a frustrating situation in an official server.

Our stance regarding harassment and griefing states that we only intervene in extreme cases, such as players preventing others from entering the game area by walling off the spawning area after character creation, more information below:

In short, the blocking of resources or obelisks does not warrant our intervention.

I find it unconscionable and totally unpalatable to block a resource such as sulfur because of the little it has on the map.
How do I report a player who blocks entry from the bosses?

To report players please reach out privately to either me or @Ignasi, we’ll be happy to clarify whether we might be able to intervene or not.

destroy it. Explosives, trebuchets, etc can be used.

Bonjour Soldat. Je suis desolé d’entendre ton probleme mais la seul façon de règler le problem est de le faire toi même. Cela m’est arrivé dans le passé et j’ai du attaquer la persone en question jusqua temp que celle-ci quitte le serveur. Sa nous a pris moi et mon clan plusieur jour mais nous en sommes venu a bout. Bonne chance a toi et bonne fin de journée.

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