Blocking of resource 😡!

Here’s the thing: If they build in the lake, they block the resources for everyone, including themselves. The brimstone stops spawning. At this point, it’s a fair playing ground again because they won’t have any more access to brimstone than you do.

The smart ones who want to keep the brimstone for themselves do build a wall around it. Believe me - when people want to upset others and deny resources, they will find the time to build that wall. And climbing over it won’t really work because you can put fences that prevent climbing on those walls.

A wall is a lot easier to break than claim.

Want something done right? Do it yourself. Exactly why i set up my own private server back in 2019 and it’s been going on since. Feedback has been wonderful, PM me if you want the details.
I see lot’s of people complaining about issues that can be avoided if either Officials were moderated, or they joined a Server that best fits their play-style.

these game makers make money off the servers you rent. maybe that is why they don’t even enforce their own TOS on official servers. better for them if you go rent your own server.

If you mean Funcom, they don’t. Right from the beginning, they have made it clear that they make no money from server rentals.


Two things would solve 99.9% of the issues on official servers.

  1. Make gods the nukes they used to be. Undermeshed bases no more.

  2. Have an admin that can go around and ban players that are cheating/exploiting.

All problems solved.

  1. The Gods serve no purpose on PvE and PvE-C.
  2. Funcom refuses to admin the servers. Likely because it would be a full time job for one person.

True, but the Admin could go to the PVE and PVE-C servers and delete that spam, and ban those that are spamming.

But, I know, Funcom wont admin the officials…even though that would solve the issue and keep the player base happy.

Only for PVPers. In PvE all it does is piss everyone off.
No way to report it, because it is game play.

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It does that in PVP as well, although on pvp people can retaliate.

If you build on skyfall ridge, you take a chance on meteor damage.
What if the Shattered springs did acid damage to building pieces?
Or a random eruption?
It could still be walled, but would require more upkeep than just logging in everyday.


Out of curiosity, how many foundations away does a resource node need to be, to not be blocked by a foundation?

PvE or PvE-C? Report, don’t hold your breath.

PvP? Deal with it.

I only play PVP and resource blocking is frustrating to put it kindly.

But in PVE this should not be possible, it makes no sense.

will funcom help us or should we give up playing it?

Apparently it is seen as a part of the game when dominating.

But I see it as taking away a major ingredient that all players should have access to, in order to keep the game balanced as a level playing field.

Sure there are other ways of getting Brimstone, but no where near the scale that the Shattered Springs provide.

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They probably won’t, unless it’s really bad on a PvE server.

If this stays a problem for you, perhaps consider researching some private servers with active moderators.

Best of luck o/

Why can’t they hire 1 more person onto their dev team to Admin the official Servers?

One wouldn’t be nearly enough. There are hundreds of official servers running 24/7. Even if that person acted only based on player reports, they’d still need to log in to the server, investigate the matter thoroughly (so as not to punish an innocent player who was reported maliciously), which takes time, and probably write a log about the action taken. On a normal work day a single admin could probably handle 5 - 10 cases depending on how obvious they are. And at least some of their time would be wasted by people reporting other players out of malice, or without a solid reason. I’m afraid that would only scratch the surface

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I dont know what so hard, make it no build zone, like the caves and problem is solved.

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Block resource is a shittttttt