Blocking Problem


Server: #1954 PVP
Alpha players built walls around TP stone (H6), so new players can’t even open it. I have pictures for evidence, but I can’t upload pic with new account.

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Refer to this post

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Upload the images at then paste the link.

But why would you like to remove them?
I mean, it is an open world? You can destroy it right?

This kind of attitude is the real problem at the official servers. Easy to justify the “blocking” cuz you “can destroy it” and easy to say that when summons are disabled.

Mr. Easy

Talking about the kind of attitude, thinking you have the right attitude right away is the real problem. About talking easy, “summons are disabled” as argument is easy.
Yes it cost less time, but still with trebuchet and Jars wouldn’t be the problem thus work-around.

Don’t throw developers mistakes to me with this argument.

SAVAGE sword in PVE official 1503 HAS 16 yes 16 massive laggy bases please kick em from the whole game
Savage Sword Clan (well known they grieffers) has 16 massive bases along map:1 In aqueduct in newcomers area massive,2 Sepermeru Oasis massive,3 Crevice to mounds massive base is extremelly big goes to riversend4 the mounds oblisk massive base,5 vulcano obelisk massive bases,6 jungle base obelisk massive,7 swamp base massive base,8 dreggs base massive mase with teleporter traps,9 sepermeru obelisk and shatered springs massive base,10 giants cave massive base with traps11 the sinkhole massive laggy base12 black keep a massive maze with traps you cannot climb up13 Warmakers base cemetery they use to joke about people the made bane14 Inside Sepermeru massive laggy base with a lot of thralls that kills all sepermeru thralls.15 A massive wall cutting the meteorites falls area next to crevice16 A massive pyramids area by Hanumman cave in the newcommers area


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