Blocking Saber baby spawn?

A player on an official server is completely blocking off the saber baby spawn in the ice. Since this is the only place you’re guaranteed a saber spawn is this a no no? I know the TOS says not to block spawns but they allow players to block off three skull bosses, so I’m unsure what is allowed and what isn’t. Just irritated I can’t get babies….ugh.

Midnight grove has a guaranteed spawn


So it’s okay to block it then? Good to know.

they stated that it is ok to block boss creatures a while ago. why u think they care about animal babies?

There is no TOS on PVE. It’s a free for all. Thanks for PVE hell funcom, only going to get worse.

I didn’t say that and none of us would know here for sure.

I’m just giving you an alternative.

Umm okay?

I’m on a pvp server. The base is massive so bombs would not remove all of it. Nor would a god. Maybe three gods and some bombs. Lol

There is a TOS on every server mode. He’s just being facetious because Funcom isn’t always quick to respond to violations.

Ahhh gotcha

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