Blood and Bone PvP-RP

“The earth drank the blood of the fallen as if the fluid of life was all that it craved.”

Blood and Bone is a PvP-RP server that has just opened its doors on 8-17-18, and is seeking those who wish to try their hand in territorial battles to control as much of the map as possible. Take your claim of the land, and defend against those who may try and take it from you. Create your Kingdom and bring other Kingdoms of those around you to their knees, either by force of the sword, or coercion of a quick tongue.

Blood and Bone is created by players who enjoy PvP and the aspect of roleplaying and telling a story, players who enjoy watching and partaking in the politics and scheming of roleplaying and clashing of sword of pvp. We have a set of rules which can be found on our discord along with the IP to our server. The rules we have chosen are to help promote roleplay and pvp between clans as long as keeping the atmosphere healthy for those hardy enough to handle it.

Within these exiled lands clans strive to keep their lands and push to take the land of others. Alliances are made, pacts are broken, and old enemies become allies.

We have a map broken into a grid that will be updated every week to show clan territories and the gains and losses every week. Rules and market place details can be found in our discord, links and settings below.


joined this server few days ago and its so much fun, super smooth and active admins. if you are looking for a fun pvp server with a real economy this is the one!