Blood And Honor PVP/5H/XP/Events+Starter Kit,Fresh 02/15

New Server Only 30 players ATM but once we fill up ill Increase player Cap
ACTIVE admins,EVENTS,Mini dungeons and much more!
Starter kits for every new player!

STARTER KIT: star metal axes(X2), Star metal skinning knife, Star metal Wep of ur choice Also a TAMMED Wolf!!!

Mods are starting to be added Shortly!

Sorry you lost me at 5x harvesting. With that kind of harvest rate everything in game is worthless. Also, what good is giving away starmetal stuff when the player wont be able to repair it till they can actually go and harvest starmetal. Using repair kits??

At 5x xp they would be able to repair that star metal in a day.

This one belongs on server and recruitment page. 5x it’s fine for some people. Just so long as you’re not surprised when someone shows up at your base with 1000+ bombs.

this one is not the forum for advertizing servers

try this :

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