Blood from animals, pls

Could we please get the opportunity to press blood from animal flesh? I know harvesting human flesh is extremely easy and a good source of blood. It would be nice if we could get blood in a less cruel way too. Farming animal heads is very ineffective in the long run. The fact that we cannot obtain blood from animal flesh is unlikely to have any balancing reasons, since human flesh is very easy to get after all.


you know - blood is a by-product of slaughtering animals. You don’t have to squeeze people out for it, usually!

the description from the wiki says:
Blood Sausage

Loved by some, hated by most - blood sausages are a staple food amongst the tribes of the frozen north. Every part of the animal is used, even the blood that courses through their veins.

We cannot use animal meat to get blood for blood sausages. Changing this small circumstance shouldn’t mean a lot of effort. Non-human blood for the blood sausages gourmets :stuck_out_tongue:

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