Bloodlands RP/PVP 8X AOC Faction Wars 6/19/19

Direct Connect IP:

About The Server:
We are a modded RP/PVP server with rules similar to “Capture The Flag”. Work together with other clans in your faction to raid and steal the four opposing faction’s Thrones, while at the same time defending your own. Our goal is to put a fun and interesting spin on PVP with room for RP to develop due to the nature of the server. Admins are friendly and knowledgeable.

Fashionist v3.0.2(1.0 and DLC compatible)
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.14
The Age of Calamitous

A Few of Our Rules:

  1. If your clan is able to get to another clans throne room AND destroy their throne, then your clan is now in possession of that Faction Throne (an actual throne will be given to you by an admin if the raid is successful). Once a faction is in possession of all 5 Faction Thrones, you may turn in all five to an admin. Each member of that faction will be awarded with an admin-only spawned item. Keep collecting thrones to trade in for more rewards.
  2. The player with the most PVP kills at the end of each week will be awarded “Demi-God” status , and will be given 2 extra lvls. e.g. you will be lvl 122 while the rest of the world is 120.
  3. No Gods or God Bubbles. BUT, if any one faction has an excessive number of players enlisted, that faction will become subject to Deity Destruction. Meaning Gods will be allowed to be summoned on that faction.
  4. Main bases are only raidable on weekends. Outposts are raidable at any time.

Other Pros:
-Starter Kit
-Player Shops
-Raidable Admin Bases
-“Loot Drop on Death” is disabled, however killing another player gets you loyalty tokens
-Brand new server and community. Claim the land you want
-Roleplay is not required

Discord: qTUmgNP

Edited to include more information.