Bloodstone run , World Bosses and Legendaries

Server #1

I just spent 2 hours doing a run.

I knocked out 7 world bosses, Got 570 bloodstone from locations, and 5 legendary weapons with a few keys left over.

I also leveled 2 zerkers with warparty spec from 0-10 during the course of it.

So repairing legendaries is non- issue when you can still buy them and loot them.

And i just picked up 7 momentum maces from the vendor.




Server # 2 i ran another bloodstone run took out 4 WB and had 330 bloodstone - 2 cannibal brutes from level 0 - 14 before server went down



Server #3 -Bloodstone- 2418 - so cut that in half for normal server drop.

Leveled two zerkers to level 12 who also took out Rotbranch at the circle of swords

Did all this on horseback with cavalry saddle

Ill let these pics speak for themselves-

Screenshot 2023-07-15 211324

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Just curous. How many Musashi Black Blades did you get in those runs, @Akomo ?


No i didnt get one- what you see is what i got

But with the bloodstone i collected i can now wait for the timer at Mek to get it right?

And with all the keys ive collected i dont need to kill that many WBs for a few days and can just grab the chests now.

Ive already got 2 of those blades on this server.

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Just because you found a means of harvesting skeleton keys at an accelerated rate it does not summount to “repairing legendaries is a non-issue”, and that is little more than a false equivalency. Regardless of the number of them you are able to garner in a single run it does not dissever from the RNGesus component in aquiring them. So you can get 10+ keys in your own alotted time availability. It does not increase the odds of gaining a specific legendary each time you open a chest, especially when the odds are approximately ~1 in 40. Nor does it factor in the time spent walking from chest to chest to perform a mind numbing flurry of opens. Moreover, not all legendaries are obtained by opening a legendary chest with a key. Other legendaries such as the sword of crom, the last breath of the red mother, the reach of the red mother all come from fighting Unnamed City bosses over, and over, and over again. Sometimes taking years for us to be fortunate enough to land the specific weapon we sought. Again there is no bypassing RNGesus. Finally, not all of us want to spend all of our free time investing dozens of hours into a laborious grind pattern when we have already invested hundreds, in some cases thousands of hours into finding the right item in the past.

TLDR?: sorry but yes legendaries being unrepairable is an issue for others, even if it is not for you, and your methods do not negate the RNG component of procuring specific legendaries.


Oh you gotta be kidding me.

I did this in 4 hours with a 10 minute break each hour to stretch the legs.

This is the first time ive done this.

Ive got a minimum of one vault on each server - 8 total- filled with ALL the legendaries listed , at least one of them.

The problem is , yall are grinding a single boss, which drops the weapon you want, instead of combining multiple activities at once.

No, instant gratification doesnt fly with RNG.

Be in the right place at the right time- i accepted this a long time ago.

As ive said , keep it at no repair or add it back in i dont care. Already proven that when you play the game as the devs intended youll get rewarded eventually.

Do you know how fast I melt a Musashi? You clearly don’t.
Sure, I also have fun with other weapons. But the fact that I can’t repair the one I want displeases me.
I don’t care how many chests of Musashis you have. I don’t stay that long on one server, not do I have the patience to grind for legendaries in the way that you do. For me, that’s boring. I get them when I’m leveling thralls. That’s it.
I like to mingle all the several aspects of the game together. Once I see my project through and I’m happy with what I achieved, I restart. I’ll never have chests filled with anything.

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You know why i have them filled? Trophies - but i can use any legendary regardless of specialization the way im specced.

Its the way i roll.

People who have spent years trying to get one weapon and i get it the first time out- see predatory blade on one server.

And i didnt even know about this blade until someone said they spent all the time to get it. So i incorporated that boss also into my run and voila first time out on one server. So right place at the right time.

Sure. And I hope you have lots of fun.
I also make do with what I get.

But the way you roll is just that: how you have fun. Not everyond is like you. I woukd prefer if I could repair my favorite weapons. There’s nothing you can say that will change my mind.


I just showed you

Did i mention i got a dalinsia and a zerker captured also ?
Got about 10 k stone and 4 k iron?
In addition to hundreds of silver and gold ore?

Because those drop off the bloodstone gollums and creatures

I read your post, @Akomo . You’re like a little machine grinding away. That’s how you play. And I repeat, not everyone likes to play like you do. Is that difficult to understand?

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Right i also had time to check out some big bases on the server as well.

The point is if do put in the time- you get rewarded if you dont , then it takes longer.

And im actually done for the day since its my day off. Hardly a grinding machine.

Just someone who knows and embraces all aspects of the game.

It seems more like an obsessive compulsive sort of playstyle to me.
Listen, @Akomo , there are many ways to tackle this game. What some find agreeable, others don’t. It’s not that I can’t do what you did. It’s that I don’t want to do it.
I already made peace with not having my favorite weapons when I want. It’s fine. But I would prefer it otherwise. You are coping with it. I recognize I don’t like it and play in spite of that. There are other things that entertain me in the game. Easy fights to get rng dictated weapons is not one of them. So, I get what I get, use whatever I get and that’s it.

Except im not trying to change your mind - im pointing out whats available to others so they dont need to login kill one boss and log out.

Then come here and complain about RNG ?


Thats not the way the devs intended the game to be played

Not saying that you do , but i sure saw alot of teleport pads near WBs and bloodstone locations.

Just sayin!

Sure, if you realy want a weapon often you can get it. By grinding it, @Akomo .
I would prefer to get it once and be able to repair it. Pretty simple. If you prefer the grind, by all means, have at it. As long as you’re having fun, that’s what matters. I have other ways of enjoying myself. It’s not that big of a deal.

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Actually a good idea i just thought of right now- increase the RNG chance the more people grouped up taking down the WB.

The downside- not everyone will get a hit in since the WB will be dead before a group get just one hit in -HAHAHA

Solution - increase the health pool of the WBs again. And dont make it one hit either. Make the participation a hidden stat or formula

Dont know if its that easy , only Funcom would know to check that

They go down so fast that it’s hardly worth it, @Akomo . I get tons of legendaries before having enough thralls to equip them. That’s not the point. I just have a few favorites I would like to have at all times. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes rng is a bitch. :smile:
But as I said, it’s not that big of a deal.

Scaling according to the number if attackers? That’s a problem you see… not all players are alike. You would make them too hard for some groups and too boring (dmg sponges) for others.

There are some good ideas floating around. Who knows, maybe the devs adopt one.

The main thing I’m trying to say here is that grinding is not a good thing, in my perspective. It’s not fun for me. It doesn’t entertain me. I won’t even change my playstyle because I would grow tired of the game. So I use what I get. When it wastes away, I use something else instead of grinding for that particular weapon. That I won’t do.