Bloodstone run , World Bosses and Legendaries

Who, exactly, did that? Are you truly under the impression that everyone who complains here is an uninformed, spoiled ignoramus and you’re the only smart and diligent player here?

I’ll tell you why I’m complaining about the RNG.

I’ve been killing bosses for approximately 2 weeks now. I go out, do a circuit around the map visiting different bosses – more than 10 every single time – and opening (or rather, trying to open) skeleton chests.

I haven’t gotten one single Lovetap in all that time.

By the way, the chest is glitched approximately half the time: I stand there hitting the interaction key and it just won’t open. Occasionally, a different glitch will happen, the one where you can see the chest if you’re far enough but it vanishes once you get near.

So don’t tell me how “repairing legendaries is a non-issue” and how I only log in, kill one boss, and then come here to complain. If there’s something you like about the game, it’s fine to say that, but stop forcing everyone to agree with your subjective praise like you were offering facts instead of opinions.


I dont grind, i play- and this is an example of that.

As ive said i never did it before yesterday and today.

I aint telling you anything.

I did get the Lovetap on one server since the new patch btw.

So right place at the right time eh?

@Akomo you grind and you love it. Great for you. I’m not making fun of it. But your playstyle is the definition of grinding. You just like it, so you don’t mind. I’m ok with that, but I play differently on purpose.

Yes. That’s exactly why people are complaining about RNG.

Well yes, you are:

That’s literally you, telling everyone who reads your topic, that “repairing legendaris is non-issues”. And this is also you:

That’s you accusing people who complain about RNG of only logging in, killing one boss, and logging out.

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Nope im not getting into this on my thread here Codemage.

You can read it and comment but im not arguing on the forum about it.

I did my bloodstone run and provided an alternative to people.

Not my fault if folks want to still complain about it.

And im still sticking to my position that repair kits for legendaries arent needed.

I agree. No repair is not a gane killer with yhe new dmg biffs to them. If ibget a cool legendary i like, then that is a cherry on top. But the fact i can buy extremely powerful weapons as soon a I get 30-45 bloodstones makes the game a joke really…

Why? Don’t you think people should complain about changes they don’t like?
Nobody is being overly dramatic.
We know there are options. We knew them before you posted about them. Nobody here is a rookie. I imagine you mean well by pointing them. But does it occur to you that we know those options, but don’t like them? :wink:

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You can get legendaries right out of the desert, @biggcane55, without facing a single enemy until you meet the tarantula near the executioner’s cave. My first one this playthrough was the Axe of the Lion. I was level 12 or so when got there becausd I did a few journey steps for RP purposes. :smile:

I got nothing for you Marcos- keep complaining and they will change it?

There’s nothing to “get into”.

That’s what I did.

Except you are. You provided plenty of your own arguments in this thread. The rest of us are providing our own counterarguments.

And I provided to those same people my opinion on what you said here.

Did anyone say it’s your fault?

Funny how you’re “not arguing”, but can’t resist being argumentative in the same post where you said you’re not arguing.

That’s true, but it’s also irrelevant to the claim that we don’t need to be able to repair legendaries in general. If the claim was “you don’t need to repair certain legendaries that you can buy”, then sure. But as long as we’re talking about all legendaries in general – or even just legendaries from skeleton key chests – being able to buy a small subset of them is not a replacement for repairs.


Sorry Codemage- my opinion doesnt align with yours.

Ill post more updates in the future though about this topic.

I hope so. That’s the whole point of writing. If they do change it as a lot of people are asking, great. If they don’t, at least we tried. Sometimes that’s all we can do. Occasionally, screaming to a hole is therapeutic! :smile: Not all is lost.
You should see me doing it about thralls! I definitely feel better afterwards, even if I’m sure they’ll never change them back! :smile:

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I juat kill 5 blood rocknoses on my way to mek. Grabbing the sorcery recipe, dregs obbie, summoning obbie. Usually have enough for a weapon and if tiner is righy, the blood pick. Then i just harvest rocknoses by the executioners (3), go hit brim in the caves, north jungke obbie and purple lotus (another bllod nose) boack lotus, south jungke obbie, bpack lotus, another blood nose in witch queen, retrace all the way back and i have leveled pretty far and can cash in for a fighter, weapons and paks at meks area. Liyerally in hours i have zoomed past any mid game stuff.

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LOL! i used Blood pick also. Theres like 20 of those things on EL. It literally takes you through every single area.

You know… I always imagine a narrative to start playing. I try to do different stuff, just not to get bored. I’m seriously considering prohibiting myself from using legendaries until I craft a star metal weapon. Otherwise in a few hours I know the game is beaten. The moment I get a legendary melee weapon, it’s game over. Just a matter of time with no hardship. So I’m seriously considering adopting that rule for myself.
Unless I’m playing pvp, obviously !
Anyway, I’m going off topic. :blush:

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With rhe respawn timers you can get 5 in executioners, safari, and the arena and have tons of blood stones hust by running in a circle.

And i know many would say that we know this because we are vets. Noobs wont know the ease of getting legendaries But those noobs also wont know about meta style legendaries. So they wont know they are beong screwed by rng as they collect legendaries organically. Only vets know of the rng nature for cool or op legendary. And being a vet, they should also know they aren"t required to play end game.

If you don’t mind the suggestion. Change up your expertise perk from Efficient Harvest to Careful Harvest. Efficient Harvest doesn’t give an incredible bonus unless you’re mining like 50,000+ stone and wood for a huge project. If you’re just farming bosses and what not, then Careful Harvest will be more valuable.

One benefit of Careful Harvest is it effectively doubles all gains from Silverstone nodes. Silverstone’s rare resource is actually silver and their common is stone.

But on the topic at hand. The ease of getting stacks of legendaries is IMO way too high. These things are literally easier to get than Hardened Steel or Star Metal. Chapter 2 is probably going to address that, and well… as I’ve said in another thread, will be the beginning of Age of Salt.

I don’t believe it affects noobs at all. With the one’s I’ve played with, the only legendaries they tend to obtain are the ones I either gave them (which I try to avoid doing), or they get when I kill a boss with them (usually I pull it over and kill it and they kind of throw an attack or two to ‘help’). They usually avoid such encounters like the plague.

No i agree. I was just pre-arguing the inevitable fire back at @Akomo and me stating the ease of collecting powerful legendaries making finding an exact one arbitrary in the gameplay.

Easier than iron tier. My first weapon after a pair of stone daggers is a legendary. That has to change.