Blue Dragon Lair RP/PVP, PC

The Lair is a new, casual PVP server , PC version . We need a population. Just search for Blue Dragon Lair. Direct connect No password needed. I paid extra to have it installed on an SSD for short load times. Get your favorite base location before it’s gone. Come check us out!

  • 3X Harvesting and 2.5 Experience

  • Increased crafting and thrall breaking

  • Slowed fuel burn speed

*No offline purges (1 clan member must be on to trigger)

  • Slowed Food Spoilage

*Body doesn’t stay in world at logout

This would be great if body-vaulting was not enabled.

When was this server wiped?

This server has never been wiped. It’s only a couple weeks old. You think I should leave characters online at logout? If so, please expound. I’m willing to change settings if the community wants.