Blue Flashes Please Help

So for some reason Conan apparentlyas blue flashes like if somebody pressed the button to go to the main menu. But then it’s like a blue flash. Does anybody else have that issue? Several people I adventured with also reported experiencing the same issue.

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I have not heard of it . Would suggest giving all the information you have so when funcom crew comes on they have it. Model of ps4 online official server or not and if it happens on more than one server. Wired internet
Good luck.

Hey there,

Read How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter, please. Be sure to provide enough details, including system specs.


  • Have you had any errors or dashboarding happen recently?
  • Do the blue flashes
    – always happen or only sometimes?
    – only happen when pressing the main menu button on the controller, or also when pressing the main menu button from the in-game menu?
    – cover the entire screen? move? are they solid or does the screen tear?
    – appear shortly or will they not go away? unless e.g. the console is restarted.

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