Blue Gigant spawned in my base

Online private

big blue gigant spawned in my base TeleportPlayer -325420.34375 130691.59375 -18517.275391 and killed all my pets :frowning:


If we’re talking about the new Isle of Siptah map, then I’ve experienced something similar.

One time I went AFK while standing on my furnace. I came back to find an Aardwolf thing in my base, trying to get to me. There are no Aardwolf’s in this area. It teleported away as soon as tried to engage it.

Another time, I had placed my first pet inside my base. I left, came back, and there was a bear inside my base. He easily killed my level 1 pet, and then teleported away.
There are no close bears, on the horizontal plane. This bear would have had to bungee jump off a 50’ cliff and snap back again.

And yes, this is an official server with no mods.

yes it is the new expansion, and i am on a private server with no mods

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