Blue screen every time I try to login to my official PVP server

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Crash
Region: NA

I’ve tried restarting my console and every single time now I try to join my server and I get a blue screen after it tries to load the game up. This isn’t cool

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to login to server
  2. Try to login to server again
  3. Try to login to server again
  4. Try to login to server another time

Delete the user profile for conan under saved data in the settings. Remember your server as it wipes your favorites!

Either that worked, or I got killed and stopped loading in around what made me crash.

that appeared to work the first time by deleting the saved data, but I logged out and can’t log back in now because it just blue screens again and now there is no saved data anymore fo Conan Exiles…What in the hell this is ridiculous.

but why am I crashing so much now though? blue screens when I try to join my server every time, blue screen when loading up the game some time. It never happened for the first few weeks of the game and now its just constant, now I can’t even play at all wtf