Bogeyman Lore 4


I have been trying to get the Lore 4 for the Bogeyman lores without success . The Guide says go to Savage Coast ,Atlantic Island Park coords 620,482 and do the /sleep emote at exactly midnight game time and the Bogeyman should appear. I have been doing this almost every day for for the last few weeks and have never seen the Bogeyman so how can I get this Lore?


There’s two possible locations for the spawn, I believe. You may want to look at a second guide if both locations aren’t referenced in the one you’re using. I can tell you that it is possible to get. I have it on three characters in SWL.


I think he shows up a couple minutes after midnight game time if my recollection serves, so wait a few next time you try it.


Just visited Atlantic Park, and although Bogeyman did not spawn at OPs coords, he was still around at another location (pond) for a while (12:25). Sleeping was not required.


Yeah. I got him by waiting in one of the known locations, and when he didn’t show up, I immediately went looking in the others. (so no, sleeping was not necessary.) He wanders around a little before he de-spawns, so you have some time to work with.

(I heard him before I saw him-- all my characters are level 50 with good gear, and his creepy laugh STILL scared the pants off me before I spotted him.)


Did he ever actually require sleep back in TSW, or was that always superstition?


It was always superstition.


Thanks all, you were correct the sleep emote in front of the hut at midnight was false info. I did however find him yesterday just after midnight under one of the park arches.


Like superstitious pigeons - someone must’ve slept there at the right time, and then it became a perceived thing?