Boneclaw recipe is relatively useless

So I was going to make some claws because hey, why not?

Then I didn’t get any bones off or dogs or pelicans. In fact, the only critter that normally gives you bones at low level is humans or alligators. And the closest thrall camp in Siptah don’t actually spawn NPCs early on.

So I managed to gather 22 bones using stone weapons… by the time I gathered enough Iron ore to make my blacksmith bench and then iron weapons.

I don’t think you’ve got enough bones tuned in the drop to make it useful while you are actually at the level of using bone/stone weapons. You have to actively hunt gators, which don’t drop enough bones early enough.

Aren’t they in chests? I can’t remember because I switched back to EL a month or two ago and they are in lots of chests over there.

Try using the pick on the shellbacks after they have been killed. I have almost always gotten enough bones from them to make the boneclaws and a bone shield. But the one thing that I wish would happen is that the boneclaws hit box was expanded a bit. I love using the boneclaw. But my hit ratio is only about 50%, and that’s when my target is standing toe to toe with my character.

Not usually at low level when you are making stone daggers.

I very seldom find bones in the wooden chests that can be found here and there along Noob part of the river. Best place to get bones without having to kill some poor beast is Skulker’s End in that part of The Exile Lands

That’s sort of the point. By that time you are already running into Iron Nodes and probably on your first Iron Weapon, an upgrade above claws.

I think the issue is the exp rate is too quick to make alot of these niche weapons viable. If the rate was cut to 25% of normal. You’d have plenty of bone before you even have the expertise for Iron.

Or make bones drop just a bit more from a few more critters at that early point.

not worth it, soon you’ll be throwing away bones

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