Bonus stats from weapons while not equiped

This is simple suggestion. While for the most part, we do not really need this because we will be using weapon to fight for strength and accuracy, it would be nice if bonus stats remain active while as long as we do not switch to another weapon. At this moment, if you weapons/shield gives you grit/enc/agility, you need to wield weapon to have bonus active which kinda makes these stats less worth it for their uses.

If you have agility to get to 50, you need to enter combat mode before you can jump in air after climbing.
If you have encumbrance weapon and you harvest resources, you would still need to re-equip it after you finish harvesting but we would be able to run after we unwield weapons
If you have grit/stamina on weapons, well, to make use of that bonus stamina you will to run with weapons equipped.
Battle-Axe of Berserkers (not sure about correct name) gives hp for example, but we can’t really make use of it because each time we unequip it, our hp drops to normal value and when we equip it again, we need to heal ourselves or wait for passive regen to give us bonus hp.


I think the ideia of weapons giving the bonuses only when equipped is good, because otherwise you could carry all these weapons and have all bonuses, so this would not be balanced.

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He means keeping the stat of ONE weapon for as long as you don’t equip another weapon. That way you would be able to keep the stats active while using tools, be climbing, or just running around and as soon as you equip a different weapon you lose the stats of the previous weapon.

I kind of like this suggestion for easy life. It’s nothing game breaking or such…

And some stats on weapons are rather useless if you need to have them equipped to be effective, thinking of survival and such…i would like to see this.

why not just add stats to harvesting tools? If thats the goal to keep such stats and have them replaced if you equipt a new weapon that has stats it’d probably make sense to add appropriate stats to them, especially since the necessary stats could be added rather than some odd-ball weapon.

It is not just about harvesting. Bonus hp on weapon is useless because it only increases max hp and makes stat useless.
Idea of adding stats to harvesting tool is good, but it could be abused to reach some perks before 60 and I would not use “legendary” pick for obvious reasons. I could still use iron pick and switch and run with weapon which gives you encumbrance.

I suggested this for 2 reasons. I do not like sprinting with weapon animations and some stats are pretty useless or you just need to press button to enter combat mode/equip weapons again before you can do certain thing…
Game already have system in place where it saves what was last weapon used and if bonuses from these weapons remains active, it would be simple QoL improvement.
I can bypass this with macro for jump for example, but there is nothing that will give you your bonus hp as soon as you equip weapon that increases your max hp.

It would nice to see for tools not to override these but that is harder to pull off without bugs :smiley:

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