Bonus XP Extension?

The bonus XP was great! And the extension was nice too. But since many, if not most of us are under stay at home orders (varying degrees, I assume), maybe the bonus could be extended?

Thanks for your consideration :beers:


Yes, actually, i belive exp x2 should be regular exp, only for kills, this would be way better for the whole leveling process, leaving this events in a faster and more approachable way.


I recently resubscribed to Age of Conan after many years and stumbled into the double XP event. Since it has ended, I have found leveling to be tedious and much less interesting.

I imagine the normal rate of progression was set with group play in mind, as it’s an mmo. However, the player base is somewhat lacking these days and I would rather play solo than repeatedly ask in global chat for groups. Furthermore, most of the active players are focused on level 80 content. I don’t mean to say that soloing is not feasible, in fact it is very feasible, but it is also increasingly tedious and grindy the further along you get.

I’m sure people are going to be tempted to tell me to join a guild or make some friends or maybe argue that the game is supposed to be hard. I’m sure someone else will try to argue that the extended double XP was a gift and that I should be glad it was given. If you are one of those people, please keep your unconstructive comments to yourself.

There are a lot of people at home right now and double XP wouldn’t hurt anyone. In fact it might serve as enticement for more people to play and subscribe. Who is going to argue over having a larger player base?

I know someone is just going to have to be contrary about this, so before you spend time writing out a post calling me an ungrateful idiot, I’ll tell you now I’m not going to read your post or argue over this.

@Hempenjig Back at launch there were definitely level ranges that required just parking yourself and monster grinding a bit to get to 80, but that was mostly all fixed.

You can level all the way up solo, running quests in various zones without having to stop and grind. There are some group quests along the way, particularly for dungeons, but those can be skipped over most of the time if you can’t easily find a person or two to help kill harder mobs.

Are you finding just the doing quests and killing things along the way to be the “tedious and grindy” part? Or are you running out of quests and thinking you just have to stop and grind?

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No I don’t mind the grind, it was a nice gift while levelling during this time of crisis in the world. I don’t understand why I am catching static for suggesting a extension both here and in Global. It is not a chance of hurry up to finish, it is simple an idea to have us something extra while we spend more time than normal. If I was overly concerned, I would buy xp boosts or instant 80 and be done.

I have several people comment in game about missing the boost and thought it would be worth a thought to let Funcom know it was appreciated and missed.

I am sorry for the feathers I have ruffled at suggesting a further extension of a nice gift while we are stuck at home.

I actually agree with the idea of keeping the XP boost. Maybe even adding something else to promote activity. That isn’t a harm during this time, and may instead be the good kind of thing Funcom needs since they can’t fix their Customer Service Issues.