Boo like ghost trees/ unable to take my shield off, and it dissapeared from my inventory


Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: 94750/17645
Crash dump link: N/A

So I’m helping a friend build their base up in preparation for the game release so we have a base near the jungle. The trees are disappearing after a single hit, giving the resources for the hit, but no others past that. If you try to move past the trees you will act as though they are still there by rubber banding until you go around. When you walk away you will see them again as if they are the boo ghosts off of Mario.

In the same run I equipped my shield and after having use it to block an attack by a shell back. After dispatching the shell back I went to put away my weapon and shield by pressing x and go back to farming, only my shield didn’t go away. My shield remained equipped and a blank slot appeared in my hot bar. I tried switching things around with it thinking it would reappear or the visual had simply bugged and would come back, it did not. I even removed it from my hot bar, and it is still on my person. We reset the server… It’s still on. I’ve done everything I could think of short of destroying my character, it’s still on. At this point i’m beginning to think it’s like a second bracelet.

For starters you need to update to the latest version of TestLive, that should take care of most of the bugs:)