BoogerParty's Unasked-For Idea Threadstravaganza

As I’ve spent the last couple days blindly fumbling my way through building a mod for my server, I’ve been thinking about things I’d think would make neat additions to the game. So I thought I’d share them here, because why not.

Here we go.

More diverse face options at character creation: I know I’ve harped on this before, both here and back on the Steam forums, but it really is kind of ridiculous that anyone playing a race that isn’t white has like one or two male and female options that look at all appropriate, and then a bunch of faces with clearly Caucasian features with different skin tones.

Tier 0: I’ve already mentioned this in an earlier thread, but one thing I’d really like is a set of rickety wood and/or thatch Tier 0 building pieces, maybe given on spawn or unlocked at level two. This would both feel a bit more realistic (what would someone just starting out in that situation do, throw up a crappy shelter made of sticks, or start building stone walls around sturdy wooden frames?), and it would make Tier 1 feel like more of an achievement, especially if it was pushed back a bit.

Hair, makeup, and character modification: Okay, imagine you’re gonna nail someone to a cross in a desert and leave them to die. Do you stop to let them make sure their hair is looking fly and their eye wings on point? I don’t know about you, but I probably wouldn’t bother. So here’s my idea: starting out, your only options for hairstyles are messy, bedraggled looks of various length, and you get zero makeup. Then later on you would get the option to change your hair, trim your eyebrows, and add makeup through a feat or something, or maybe even learning neat cultural styles from NPCs out in the world.

Make new exiles limp for a while: Because come on, the game starts with your character nailed to a cross. Would they really be in any shape to jog over hot sand after that?

Swimming crocodiles: Even if they don’t attack you in the water. It’s pretty ridiculous to see a crocodile chasing after me by walking along the bottom of the river. Heck, while we’re at it make them float motionless like logs and sun themselves on the riverbank with their mouths open too.

More recycled Age of Conan emotes: Yeah Funcom, you may think you’re slick but I recognize some of those emotes from AoC’s character selection screen. So as long as you’re reusing emotes from that game, let’s get a few more. Specifically the ones that let your character pick their nose, fart, and pick a wedgie.

Add flags to the Khitai DLC: The Aquilonia DLC got two, it’s not fair!

Anyway that’s all my ideas, bye.


Love all your unasked for ideas except maybe tier 0. While these would be a cool look, I don’t know that anyone would bother with them. I also don’t need more crap clogging up my crafting menu.

As for the more diverse faces. I agree but what about more body shapes too. It would add some uniqueness to the characters we create if we could have wider hips, bigger guts, bigger bums,stumpy legs or pin heads.

Love the idea of learning hairstyle and makeup recipies and crawling out of the desert.

Yeah, Tier 0 would mainly be for PvE and roleplayers who aren’t really worried about anyone messing with them. I doubt PvP players would get much use out of it.

I’d use it to “block out” builds, but in all fairness I can already do that with Tier 1, so I’m not sure if that’s a particularly weighty reason.

Great ideas! Add Jump Attacks to that and you’re reading my mind!

Regarding clogged crafting menu: it would be really neat to be able in the FEATS screen to check/uncheck recipes that show in the crafting menus.

Also it would be neat to have two new keyboard shortcuts:

  • one for the left text search field (the inventory)
  • but more importantly one for the right text search field (the crafting menu)

The inventory crafting menu already has those little icons to filter what recipes are shown, maybe they could make those a bit bigger and have it so rather than show all the recipes by default it doesn’t show any.

Addendum to the hair idea: start the exiles bald (uh, they got their heads shaved before crucifixion for…uh, some reason. I don’t know, shut up), then have their hair gradually grow back in as you level up, then let the player style it after it reaches a certain level/length.

Pros: I thought that was a neat feature in Ark.

Cons: It’s pretty blatantly ripping off that feature from Ark.

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