Boom Chick Chick Boom Music

Game mode: Single PVE
Problem: Combat? Bug
Region: USA

Since the last patch (awesome update btw), the tell-tale combat music (drumming “boom chick chick boom” is CONSTANTLY playing, even when no enemies are around or I have dealt with the initial threat. I get chased by an enemy, I kill it or run away and it loses interest in me, ending combat. The music stays.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have any enemy see you and give chase, wanting to kill you.
  2. End combat by running, climbing, swimming, or killing.
  3. Listen to constant combat music

Yes it is terrible. Unplayable. I must kill the enemy. Than the Music Stop. Its also when you are near a Boss.

This is making the game really unplayable…
Honestly wish they had an option to turn off the combat music altogether. I enjoy the background music but the constant interruption by the obnoxious drumming is just annoying

I know its kinda childish to complain about music, but I feel this game has a great musical score that reminds me of the 80’s conan movie. This constant drumming just takes away the feel.

Same problem here on my game and my wife’s (two different PCs). Only way to correct it we’ve found is exit the game and restart. The fix only helps until you get into a fight.

Hello, we’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into, thank you for the report.

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