Boost all Armors

I heard some armors were nerf. Every time a nerf happens to items or equipment happens to hurt PVE,online co-op,Solo players and offline single player mode. Can Funcom buff all Armors. So my none PVP experience isn’t ruin. I’m suppose to be able 1 vs 1 bosses Funcom. So Funcom all armors needs a buff.

Simple solution: dodge. If you don’t get hit, it doesn’t matter how much your armor reduces damage. Armor’s there to reduce the penalty for failing the dodge occasionally, but trying to face-tank a world boss is going to end in tears, no matter how hard your armor is.

Or funcom buffs all armors. I like silent legion styles.

Yes buff Silent Legion to 100% damage reduction. So we don’t have to care about healing anymore.

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