Boosted Bow of Belith - SL Heck Weapons

Hi guys. I have found in the database Boosted Bow of Belith - an opifex only bow with 0 equipptime. That one would be great for hotswapps. I tried to farm it but the droprate is either extremly low or bugged. If it is low i would like to ask if you can bring any way to get this item without farming a year. I feel only lvl 240+ Hecks can drop a ql 300 bow, while it can have a range from 191-300, which means i need to kill in total 119 lvl 240 hecks ( which are already 0-1 per Clusterkill) who have a dropchance of maybe 1%-5% to dropp a weapon which has to be the bow and not one of the other weapon. So if I use math rules the chance of getting a bow is at best: P(“ql300bowdropp”)= 1/20* 1/5* 1/119=1/11900. Which means I need to kill 11900 lvl 240 hecks to get 1 ql 300 bow, which might take 4 years. The number might be even higher because i am not sure how high the droprate is + how much other weapons could drop ( I assumed there are 5 different in total). At the moment i am farming Hecks at the inf inca. What can i do to get a bow in ql 300?. Thanks guys

It’s a very rare drop, especially over ql200 according to what I was able to find on auno and old forums. Have yet to see a ql300 version, however it might drop once in a year or ten. However it has fairly high recharge rate (2s) which means you’d have to have around 2300 in AS skill in order to reach 11s AS. Which leads me to believe that for PvP and MA Superior Sapphistic Bow is still the way to go, sadly. :frowning:

True is that you really need that High AS skill but the reason why i want this weapon is, to make sure i have a 30% cap special when alpha someone. The other nice thing is that you have 0 equipp delay. most use the new ma weapon with 0.5 equipp delay but if you woudl use the spear and that bow you got 0 equipp times its just hammering on the specials

Hi Rockleee - I’ve moved your topic to “General Discussion” for better visibility, as Customer Support isn’t normally able to disclose nor discuss item droprates or locations. Best of luck with your hunt!

Not ingame since only elys hecks drops it, inferno hecklers dont drop this

Tsuniko, Already found some bows at inferno hecks

farm it with 4 accounts at once, that way it should take you only one year. Happy hunting!