Boring Nighttime

Hey, i have played Conan Exiles now for something around 40 hours and every night i run outside around and looking for some of those dangerouse things. I did read now multiple times, that nighttimes should be dangerouse, but there are no other npc’s, or bosses, then during the day. What makes the night dangerouse?

Mainly the severely limited visibility. If you mean buffed animals, or night-time specific creatures, you won’t really find any. None of the NPC’s or animals react in any way to time cycles, but their vision isn’t hampered at all while yours is.

I’m not sure what you’ve read, but night isn’t dangerous per se unless you’re running off cliffs. It is, however, somewhat tedious in the jungle biome, particularly when it’s raining. You end up doing a lot of navigation by map.

Ok, well then. Thx for the answers.

You can’t see what’s eating you…lol. :wink:

Run without a torch on a cliff.

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Go on a night-time corrupted wolf hunt in your underwear.

One rule. Stay in the light.

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