Boss combat revisited

Thanks for the new building pieces! Still, boss combat is not fun. I stand on a rock playing a mobile game while my darfari T4 thrall plows through bosses and purge waves. I got both my health and armour boosted by mods (550 HP, 85% reduction). Still I get completely trashed.

  • Monster attacks are much faster than player attacks. Monsters can whip out a 2H maul AND swing it faster than a player can stab with a dagger.
  • Boss attacks ignore shields. Also to raise my readied shield is an order of magnitude slower than monster attacks. Also: what’s the “health damage” thing on shields? It has been there since 2 years.
  • Player knockdown recovery is slow and bosses got most knowndown attacks. The only useful part of the new dodge is 50% armour. Including dodge rolls I sit at 6k effective HP, still engaging a boss myself is a stupid plan.
  • Knocked down monsters slide over the floor, then stab you in the face. My own knockdown attacks act as a penalty.
  • Bosses drop garbage, while good weapons are relavitely easy to come by: Telith and Yog’s Touch.

It appears as if the test team is not playing the game. Of course building fancy castles is fun, but the sword part needs more than love. Please, develop the game.

Yeah make the bosses harder please.

Ever hear of shieldsmash? All bosses have this as do most enemies.

Actually i take that back Funcom- dont do anything to the bosses - ill increase their damage myself.

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